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when I was a teen I found a pair of my sister’s panties and tried them on. Loved them. then Iwas caught by my dad. made me strip down to just the panteies in front of my mom and sister. Had to wear just the panties all day and help with housework. That night my sister came into my room and said it was ok if I wore her panties but she had t pick them out. What could I say, except thank you. It was a start of an intense relationship but more on that later. Still wear panties today

Wearing my sister’s panties
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5 thoughts on “Wearing my sister’s panties

  1. tim says:

    when I was 16 my dad caught me wearing my sisters panties, he said it was ok cause I acted more like a girl than a boy and had a girls ass anyway.

  2. mike says:

    When I was 14 , I would come home from school , I got naked an went to the hamper an dug around till I found a pair my sisters panties she had worn the nite before , I sniffed the crouch the scent of her sweet pussy , I got 1 2 3 I Then ran to her bed an jerked off till I came on her sheets ,I LUVED IT !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My dad caught me in my sisters panties and had me wear them for him all the time he would put me over his knee and rub my ass while telling how i had a girl ass and i would cum in my panties while he did that

    1. Anonymous says:

      it sounds like your dad wants to do mere than smack your bottom, if he is rubbing your arse and telling you have a woman’s arse, why don’t you just strip when he is going to spank you, and let him see you come, and maybe it could go further, it sounds as if you like it why not dress up as a girl for him and see what happens, Frankie

  4. hot bitch says:

    my mom and sis make me dress up in lingerie and have lesbian incestuous sex. I love it. Mom make me her hot lesbian bitch and so does sis.

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