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I spent Thanksgiving day with Jeff and Pam. It was supposed to be a big family dinner but the weather was bad and it turned into an awkward dinner for three. Jeff was hitting the chardonnay pretty hard and not long after three bottles of wine and plenty of turkey dinner Jeff was on the couch watching the Cowboys. I was helping Pam with the dishes when we heard Jeff starting to snore. Pam smiled at me and said “the sleeping pill I put in his wine did the trick” She then unbuttoned her blouse took out her 44 inch tits and held them in her hands and told me to come get my second helping of breast meat. I grabbed the whip cream that was next to the pumpkin pie, shot it all over her tits and I had dessert. I couldn’t believe this was happening with Jeff sleeping in the next room, but we both found it very exciting and we fucked on the kitchen counter.
Jeff was out good for the next couple of hours and after we enjoyed a long make out session on the couch beside Jeff we ended up screwing on the floor right beneath him. I couldn’t believe the turn on it was to take his wife right in front of him. It was easily the best sex I could ever had imagined.

It was probably another hour later and Jeff was starting to stir. I told Pam I wanted to leave before he woke up, and I asked her what time we wanted to get together tomorrow because Jeff was going hunting. Pam hesitated and then she said “Steve I have something to tell you you may not want to hear. I’m meeting Jason, the pharmaceutical rep from work that I had told you about, tomorrow. His wife is taking their kids skiing for the day and I promised him I would spend the day with him. I’m sorry if that was hard to hear”. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Jeff was almost fully awake and I wanted to get out of there, but I leaned in and whispered in her ear, ” I can’t believe what a fucking whore you are. Happy Thanksgiving slut” and I walked out the door and across the street.

Thanksgiving Day – Fucking Neighbor’s Wife
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  1. Adolph says:

    Doesn’t that make u a whore monger!

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