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My son-in-law has started giving my bottom a smack when my daughter is out of sight, as he walks past he draws fingers over my bum cheeks and in the crack, when he I stood talking to me he is rubbing my bum and occasionally he slides his finger in my crack, this gives me wet knickers which I obviously enjoy, to put it bluntly nobody is fucking me and I am desperate for sex.

I know my daughter is tight with her sex to him, I want to let him fuck me, but I don’t think I could look my daughter in the face, my sex drive might override my morals.

I wouldn’t mind a comment from a mum in law who has had sex with her son in law, please, Josephine

Son-in law Groping Me
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3 thoughts on “Son-in law Groping Me

  1. John says:

    My mother-in-law used do the same thing to me that your son-in-law does to you. It started with lingering hugs and soon progressed to patting my ass whenever she passed by. Once while hugging me closely she felt my erection and gave it a squeeze. The next time we were alone she was all over me. She has a fantastic body and I couldn’t resist. We fuck regularly and she does things my wife won’t. She seems to have no problem pretending every thing is normal with my wife.

  2. Judy says:

    Hi, I have had sex with my son in law, it happened because I found out he had chatted up and tried to get one of my work colleagues into bed! I confronted him and he begged me not to tell my daughter. I agreed on the condition that he have sex with me, I am now 52 and he is 30, i hadn’t had sex for a few years before then.

    We had sex and it was amazing, he has a lovely big cock and makes me cum loads. He loves my big tits too! One time he was taking me doggy style when he pulled out and tried to squeeze it into my ass hole, I tried to stop him but he got it in before I could, it was so tight! He said if i could blackmail him into having sex then he should be able to choose how! He came in my ass and we have done it many times like that. I know my daughter has had affairs behind his back anyway so i don’t feel guilty.

  3. Kane says:

    My MIL started seducing me barely 5 months after my wedding. She later confessed being driven over the edge by “accidentally” watching me and my wife having sex. It turns out her hubby has been a sexual cripple for the past 19 years. It’s mind boggling the total contrast between her two characters the totally uninhibited kinky slut and the conservative square MIL.

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