Son-in law Groping Me

mother in law

My son-in-law has started giving my bottom a smack when my daughter is out of sight, as he walks past he draws fingers over my bum cheeks and in the crack, when he I stood talking to me he is rubbing my bum and occasionally he slides his finger in my crack, this gives me wet knickers which I obviously enjoy, to put it bluntly nobody is fucking me and I am desperate for sex.

I know my daughter is tight with her sex to him, I want to let him fuck me, but I don’t think I could look my daughter in the face, my sex drive might override my morals.

I wouldn’t mind a comment from a mum in law who has had sex with her son in law, please, Josephine

Son-in law Groping Me
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(Warning: Extreme Sexual Taboo Content - 18+ ONLY!)

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