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Im a man in my forties, married and I love my wife.The issue is my sister-in-law. I find her to be the most beautiful,sensual woman I’ve ever met.I have felt this way for many years.She has long red flowing hair, beautiful skin(seems slightly tan, even in the winter), steel blue eyes, (which I recently realized).The cutest nose, (one of my favorite of her features).Puffy pink lips that were made for kissing,a sly(dare me)smile,slender neck,sweet ass and long, sexy legs.But her PERFECT, and I mean PERFECT tits, as I’ll speak on later, can’t go unmentioned.We both like to drink and get a little touchy when we’re together and thats caused some tension between my wife and I and I suspect between her and my brother-in-law as well.The fact is, I can’t get enough of her.We’ve fooled around a little on a few occasions and I was either too drunk to do much, or too much risk of getting caught to go all the way.On one occasion at my mother-in-laws house, my sister-in-law was sleeping alone upstairs. After everyone was in bed I went up to kiss her goodnight.I kissed her and woke her, she was receptive to my advances and removed her shirt and bra, she has the most perfect DD breasts I’ve ever laid eyes on, thick dark nipples which instantly made me harder than ive ever been.Once I had those nipples in my mouth I was “hooked for life”.In spite of the risk I had to pull out my cock to show her what she was doing to me.She quickly took it in her gentle hand and proceded to stroke it.I undid her pants and slid my hand into her slippery wet pussy.She said “I want you inside me” but not here.When I went down to check if the coast was still clear some one was stirring so I couldnt go back up.Later that morning she told me she had come down to find me to “fuck her” and we had already left for breakfast.I have been pissed at myself ever since for missing that golden opportunity.On another occasion at my mother-in-laws I almost joined her in bed, we were up late, drinking, and I escorted her inside. She had just dropped her shorts when I caught my wife out of the corner of my eye, looking for me. A very close call!!The only reason I like going to my in-laws is to see her and spend all my time just staring at her beauty in amazement and desire.I seem to go to bed each night with her on my mind and usually she’s my first thought in the morning.Most orgasms that I experience involve thoughts of her.I have a difficult time talking to her because my wife or brother-in-law are always around.I always pray she answers when I call their home but he usually does. Its hard to find a legitimate reason to call her, without raising suspicsion.I would love to know how she really feels about me.She seems embarrased to talk about it when she’s straight. But I’m so into her I could make love to her anytime. I wish we could communicate in some way. Maybe we could text and delete the messages, or I could call her from work just to talk. We recently took a family vacation together and I kept dreaming of a rendevous that didn’t come to pass. As for now I’ll keep hoping to taste those luscious lips, if only for a second at a family gathering.

Sister In Law
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3 thoughts on “Sister In Law

  1. Roy says:

    partner, I know just how you feel. I also have a very sexy sister in law that I would take to bed any time I could. I have kissed her on more than one occasion, just not a deep passionate kiss. she is such a turn-on. my wife has gone on now so I am single and have been for several years. my next step is to pursue my SIL now. Roy

    1. George says:

      I sympathise with you Roy! Good luck I hope you got lucky 😀

  2. Blackgrace says:

    WOW! This is a HOT story!

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