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I remember it clearly. I was 16 at the time. My (female) computer teacher was smoking hot. I would get an erection in her class and she would stare at it. One day she gave me detention after school. I was sitting in the computer lab and the whole school was empty. She came into the room in blazing red salwar kameez. She closed the door and bolted it. She then turned off the lights and curtained the windows. She then took her dupatta off and threw it on the ground. She sat on the table in front of me with one of her legs over her other. She opened her long black hair. Her skin was milky white. Her eyes were light blue. She asked me is it hot in here or is it just me. She then asked me if I would give her a massage as she was really tired. She then stood and sat on my crotch, and asked me to massage her back. I could feel her giant soft buttocks on my rock hard penis. Her kameez was really tight and it had a zipper. I started massaging her back and I stroked my hands on her tight back. She moaned. I could feel my penis drilling into her soft ass. I then put my hands on her breasts and felt them. She said oh yess squeez my nice big tits. It felt so damn good that I started humping her.
But then someone knocked at the door. I had to leave but we did the same thing every day for about two years. One time she even french kissed me. I will never forget my teacher.

Seduced by my teacher
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