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Pantyhose Fetish

I have a pantyhose fetish and love to masturbate while wearing them. I was driving across town early in the morning and had an urge to masturbate in pantyhose. so I pulled off at the shopping mall, which was closed, and took off all my clothes. jumped out of my car and opened my trunk, where I keep my pantyhose, and grabbed some sheer nylons. jumped back in my car and put them on. I laid the seat back and began rubbing my erection and teasing my self. mall security was driving around but I figured they wouldn’t bother a parked car at the edge of the parking lot. boy was I wrong! I noticed a yellow light reflecting on my windshield and figured they were driving by when all of the sudden I see a large woman standing at my window. I sit up and try to cover my hard on and roll my window down a little and ask if everything is OK. the security lady asks me what I’m doing, I hesitatingly answer nothing, and she asks me to get out of the car please. I ask if I can get dressed first and she says with an attitude, “get out of the car now!” I open the door, the interior light comes on, and the security lady says, what the fuck! my erection sticking straight out stretching my pantyhose

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(Warning: Extreme Sexual Tabu Content - 18+ ONLY!)

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