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My sister in law is 22, and extremely sexy. she lives in a small town about 45 minutes outside the city I live in. There is not much going on there so she comes to the city and stays in our guest room most weekends. I love it. She comes over on Friday nights and gets dressed up in mini skirts or short shorts and I get to watch her parade around the house in them before she goes out clubbing. I got so turned on one night just by watching her in her booty shorts. I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy ass and think about how intoxicating the scent of her pussy must be after a night of dancing, grinding and sweating in the club. the next morning I was still thinking about it. she and my wife had gone shopping. I had the house to myself. I walked past the guest room and saw her bag laying open on the bed. I couldn’t resist. I dug through the bag and found them in a side pocket. A pair of dirty white lacy panties she wore the night before, the crotch was streaked with crusted pussy juice and sweat I put them to my nose and inhaled. Just as I thought. Intoxicating. I felt almost high and was instantly rock hard. I moved them down and inhaled again getting a full whiff of her sweaty ass scent which sent me over the edge I started licking, then sucking, tasting her and inhaling the aroma of her blend of pussy, ass and sweat while I jerked like crazy to an intense orgasm. When I finished the crotch was soaked from being in my mouth, I through them on top of the bag and went to clean up. thinking I had time to stuff them back in pocket later. right as I was walking out of the bathroom my wife and her sister had pulled up. She had gotten called in to work later in the day, and needed to get back home. I am sure she noticed her panties were all wet as she packed up her things, I had carelessly thrown them on top of the bag, she would have had to move them to zip it up and she had left them in the side pocket. I was so nervous the next Friday she came over. But she didn’t let on if she had noticed. She paraded around in a mini-skirt barley covering her sexy round ass like always before she went out. I couldn’t wait for the next day, my wife had to work and my sexy sister in law was meeting friends for lunch. In the morning after my wife had left for work while I was still in bed my sister in law knocked on my door, “can I come in? I need something from the closet” I said sure. to my surprise when she opened the door she was in booty shorts and a tank top with no bra, she walked passed the bed and said “I need to barrow a necklace” she went into the walk in closet, leaving the door open behind for about 10 minutes she tried on necklaces in front of the three way mirror inside the closet. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass she moved about. I also couldn’t help but stroke my cock under the blankets. After that little show I was even more excite for her panty’s from the night before. As soon as I had the house to myself I raced into the guest room and for my second surprise of the day I found her dirty panty’s from the night before lying on the bed by themselves. It was a black Lacey thong I picked them up and they where even crustier with pussy juice then the last time, and the ass area smelled even stronger almost like she had given herself a wedgie. So I jerked even harder this time and I even used them to wipe the cum off my cock after but didn’t have the guts to cum in them. If she leaves them laying out again next time, she will get my full load.

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Panty sniffing, I think she knows
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4 thoughts on “Panty sniffing, I think she knows

  1. Amy says:

    Of course she knows. She left her smelly panties on her bed for you to enjoy. What other surprises has she left for you. I know my pussy would get so wet just think about you stroking your thick hard cock while smelling my soiled panties. Any one else think so? let me know. Lets chat here….

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hell yeah

    2. Anonymous says:

      Yes I think it would be amazing smelling your wet dirty panties

  2. paultilson73@gmail.com says:

    My sister in law 22 and I have sniffed her panties for five Great years

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