Fucking My Older Sister In Law


My sister in law is 64, a bit over weight and a flirt. Though she is married and proclaims to be very religous.
She started about five years ago flirting and making sure that I always got good looks at her nice big breasts. A couple times even giving me some shots up her long skirts, while not wearing any panties.
It was one day we were left alone and she did this, I could not take it anymore and laid her on the floor, where we made love for over an hour. I found she had led such a sheltered life, that many of the things we did that day was a first for her.
It is needless to say that I hope it continues. She is just so lustfull and loud. She really puts my much younger wife to shame.

Fucking My Older Sister In Law
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(Warning: Extreme Sexual Taboo Content - 18+ ONLY!)

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