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When I was 19 I was seduced by a 43 year old married woman that I worked with. I was no virgin but sex with her was like nothing I had ever experienced . The age difference was exciting enough, but I realized what really got my juices flowing was the fact that she was married and belonged to someone else. We continued our affair for a few months before things just got too complicated. A year or so later while taking a class at the community college I hooked up with a 45 year old married woman and we carried on for about 6 months before she moved away. Sex with her was mind blowing because she would always talk about her husband, and what a better lover I was , and how my cock was bigger and harder etc. I find that to be such a turn on. I realized that woman my age, or even woman that weren’t married were very boring to me. I only wanted to fuck older, married women.
But it isn’t easy to meet, strike up a conversation and ask a married woman twenty years older than yourself out. I finally figured out that I needed to just walk up and start talking to women that I find attractive. The more ladies I talk to the better my odds would be to get that first date. I find myself talking with women at the gym, or the grocery store, on the line at the bank, really I am always on the look out for an attractive older lady. I simply will walk up to them and start a conversation about the weather and see if there is any interest on their part. If I can get any response the next step is to introduce myself and they often do the same. My goal is to lead the conversation to where it doesn’t sound weird for me to ask them to join me for some coffee. Sometimes I may have 150 attempts before I get that far. But if I do then I know we are enjoying our conversation and I know she is looking for at least some company. After coffee I tell them it would be nice to get together again sometime and they always tell me for the umpteenth time they are married . I just smile and nod and give them my number and tell them that I would love to see them again and to call me. One out of three will call me and that’s when the affair starts. We go out for dinner and I invite them back to my apartment, they say they shouldn’t, and I say for just one drink, they say just one drink, and then it’s on the couch and touching and kissing, and her saying I can’t believe I’m doing this, and then we are making out and I have my hand on her tit and I’m telling her I have’nt stop thinking about her and she is telling me how wrong this is and she should leave but she never does and from there the sex is always fantastic because she is excited about having a young attentive lover and I’m going crazy because she has been married to some loser for 20 some years. I always picture her fat overweight husband at home watching TV without a clue that I am fucking the hell out of his wife. She is begging me to suck on her nipples, or eat her pussy, or just fuck her hard, and he is watching football and eating potato chips. My favorite is to have her on top of me and while she is riding me I am squeezing her huge flopping tits telling her what a hot fuck she is and I ask her to tell me about her husband. There is no better sex.
Currently I am seeing three different married ladies, usually once or twice a month and I’m constantly meeting new ladies.

Older married women
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