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I got married when I was 24 years, to my wonder girl of same age. We had a great sex life and had 2 children. When she was pregnant with the 3rd we were 35, but she was having health issues. So we decided to get a maid. Wow! The maid was 18 years and just looked like one whom I had dated and loved. She was hired on a full time basis as I had to go out for short periods on official matters. When I was at home one day, I touched her hand by mistake. She just looked at me and went away. I started to touch her hand all the time. Whenever I needed even a glass of water I would tell her to bring so that I could squeez her hand. It didnt take long, when my wife was putting the new born to sleep, the maid was making the beds on the other room. My wife falls asleep very fast. I just went in and held her hand and she pulled back, told in a very low voice that she’d scream. I just bent down and put my lips against her small mouth. She pushed me and told me to go. I did listen to her. After making the room she went to the kitchen and I followed like a bullet. I started to kiss her hard but she was asking for a different kiss. So, I slowed down and started a passionate kiss. I fondled her for a while and she was getting horney when my wife called her. She pulled out of my arms and wiped her mouth, took some water and washed her face and wiped off with her T-shirt showing her belly to me. I was so hard but what to do. Went to bed that night and had sex with my wife, thinking of the maid. She was much happier and complimented me on my performance. In the early hours the baby started to cry and knowing that the maid would come to take the baby, I told my wife that I’d put the child back to sleep and for her to stay. As expected the maid had the child, I in my sarong had a strait head. She smiled and I just touched her lips with my index finger and went from the rear and pressed myself hard grabbing her breasts with both my hands. She turned her head and I lowerd my lips to her lips very gently unlike my wife who likes it rough. The baby in her arms, her lips sealed in my lips, my hands rubing her breasts, and my hard cock pressing from behind. I was in seventh world. I told her to lie on the bed with her legs down and take the child to her stomach. I went down on to her toes and took one leg, raised it and started to kiss and lick the leg upto the anckle. She raise the other leg and I started to move my kissing and licking upwards and came upto he thighs while my hands were a little further ahead. She had her panty on, and when I tried to lower it she didnt allow me. I raised my head and asked her why? She said she was a virgin. My cock almost died down. I just went on kissing and licking upwards but she never let me widen her legs. But licking from out gave me that fantastic smell and taste of her cunt. I went on to kissing to the top with my hard cock over my sarong pressing all the way. When I was again at her lips my cock was pressing against her thigh. The baby was not sleeping nor crying. I just had to kiss and fondle her and it was great. Kissing gently on her lips, licking her breasts over her dress and touching her clit from out. I took her hand and let her touch my cock and balls. She just was squeezing my cock and I atleast wanted a hand job. I wispered to her to make me cum. She gave me a smile and made the baby sleep while one hand was squezing my cock. After the baby fell asleep she got up and gave me an amature hand job. I had to correct her all the time. But it was great, small and soft hands. I kissed her good night and went back to my wife. Whenever I was home I kiss and fondle the maid and get a hand job if possible and I would go down kissing and licking over her panty. She never let me take them off. If the baby gets up at night I was ready to take care. My wife was happy, I was happy, the maid was happy….

My Wife and Maid True Story Part 1
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