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im 52 im not married i have a very sexy stepdaughter who asked me if i would take her virginity she was 13 and horny i said ide love to but could not she kept asking so i said i would help her she stood up and stripped right there she was so beautiful b cup tits shaved crotch i got an instant hard on she noticed it right away she reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out my god Larry you cock is big she wanted to suck it so i let her put it in her mouth she loved it and grabbed my nuts and started to massage them it felt so good i laid her back on the bed and enterd her she gasped when i stuck my cock in her she moaned in pleasure and i started to pump she was so firm and tight i was in heaven i felt my cock break her hymen she grabbed my shoulders and moaned in pleasure and said oh god Larry that feels so good fuck me larry fuck me oh fuck me i kept pumping away she started t orgasm and it was heaven she screamed oh Larry oh god Larry i i i im cumming oh god oh oh oh oh oh god i started to cun it was great i shot my load oh oh oh oh oh ugh god your beautiful alisha i creamed in her she wrapped her arms around me and legs and whispered in my ear oh god Larry thanks for turning me into a woman it felt doooooo goooood then i put my head between her legs what are you doing she said i told her we are both going to love this alisha istuck my tonge in her cunt and started licking she grabbed my head and rose off the bed a little and said ohhh my god Larry that feels soo gooood she was bucking and wildly she was so fucking tasty virgin fresh she started to orgasm again i licked wildly until she screamed ohhh god Larry oh god oh god oh oh oh ohhhh god ummmmm oh oh mmmmm thats great she and the bed were wet from her juices it was unbeleivable

My Stepdaughter
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