My Son’s Girlfriend Was Drunk

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I came home from a party to find my son and his girlfriend asleep on the couch. I was drunk myself when I woke up my son and told him to go to bed. He told me she was really drunk and she passed out there. So I said we will leave her there. I got ready for bed and returned to the couch to check up on the young drunk. That’s when I noticed her skirt was up over her hips and her thong panties were not covering her shaved pussy. I caught myself staring. What got me out of the stare was my aching hard on. I was torn. I was horny and drunk and there was a hot young pussy looking at me. What i did was very wrong but I did what I did. I touched the young pussy. I slid my fingers along it until it got wet. I pressed my fingers inside. She didn’t move. I pulled my cock out of my pajamas and wrapped her limp hand on it. I rubbed my cock with her hand while I played with her wet pussy. I then crossed over to a whole new low. I climbed behind her and entered her from behind. She did not move. After some thrusting her breathing got heavier. I was so aroused, I pressed a finger in her bum while I fucked her from behind. I was close to cumming so I pulled out and pressed just the very tip of my cock against her ass hole and stroked my cock until I came a violent large load. To my surprise most of my cum shot right up her ass! I saw it starting to leak back out. I whiped her clean and went to bed. I heard her in the morning asking my son if they had sex, because her pussy was sore. I know how wrong this is but I would probably do it again. Not that that would ever be an option.

My Son’s Girlfriend Was Drunk
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