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What can I say. I was a virgin. Not because I wanted to be a virgin, but because I never found myself in a situation where I could loose my virginity. My younger sister, she wasn’t a virgin, she hadn’t been a virgin since the 8th grade. She was popular and good looking and had lots of boy friends.

My sister decided that I couldn’t go off to college a virgin and it was time for me, so she brought over her boyfriend and a friend of his and she told me that I was going to loose my cherry that night whether I wanted to or not.

First, she took off her pants and spread her legs and showed me her pussy and told me that is where a girl gets fucked. She had her boyfriend finger her vagina, so that I could see. Now she told me to take off my pants and spread my legs, which I didn’t want to do, but I did it anyway. She told her boyfriend’s friend to stick his finger in my vagina just like her. He smiled at me and stuck his middle finger inside of me.

Then she stood up and bent over, and spread her ass cheeks and showed me her butt hole, and told me girls also get fucked up the ass. She told her boyfriend to stick his finger up her ass. He lubed it with her pussy and then stuck his finger up her ass. She told me to stand up and bend over and that the other guy was going to stick his finger up my ass. Well I just looked at him, and bent over and closed my eyes and waited for him to finger my ass.

She told her boyfriend to take his dick out. She rubbed him until he got hard and told me that this is what a guy sticks in a girl to fuck her. She told me to do it to the other guy, so he took his dick out and I grabbed it and rubbed it and it got real hard. I looked over and my sister was blowing her boyfriend, and she looked at me to do it too. So I sucked this guy I didn’t even know.

My sister’s boyfriend was getting pretty anxious, so she stopped and laid back on the floor and spread and told me to watch how a girl gets fucked. So her boyfriend got on her and stuck his dick in her and she kept her legs really spread so that I could see how it went in and out.

Now she told me to lay down and spread. So I did, and this guy just kneeled in front of me and wend down on his hands and stuck his dick in me. I think I came right then, it was so hot and he got to fucking me and I just couldn’t take it any more, and my sister pushed her boyfriend off and came over and pulled my shirt off so my tits were all out there, and she just laughed as they bounced all over the place while I was getting fucked.

She turned around and took her boyfriend to her and he fucked her again, and the two guys got in rythm and fucked us both until they came. Then my sister did the weirdest thing, she sucked her boyfriend clean.

The guys were getting themselves together again, and my sister leaned over to me and told me I had done real good, and soon as the boys were ready again, we were going to get ass fucked.

When I got to college I wasn’t a virgin.

My sister showed me how
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    Thats a wonderful story I cam while reading it

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