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I am 29 years old and have been with my wife for 11 years, 3 of which we have been married. She is very close with her mom and before we had gotten married, I practically lived at my in-laws house. My wife’s mother is a 54 year old, petite, French-Canadian housewife with traditional Catholic values and tits that could beat a 20 year old playmate’s! Although pretty in her own right, my wife looks absolutely nothing like her mom. Well, for years I have been lusting her mom…every chance I get I try to see her naked. Ive been VERY successful in doing so. Many times I have seen her getting out of the shower. She has amazing tits, I dare say better than my wife’s! She also does not shave so she has a nice bush..which I am oddly attracted to. She has NEVER been with another man other than her husband and we all have casual funny conversations about sex often. A few times I could swear she knew I was watching her undress and she did nothing about it. Well, to make a VERY long story shorter,
I would plan to be naked where she could see me and would make myself half erect so I would look huge. A few times she pretended not to see, but I knew she had. Other times she acted shocked and embarrassed and I would make like it was a big accident. The three of us (my wife, myself and mom) would giggle about it and shrug it off. She even commented once saying: “Ive never really seen another man like that before, I guess they are all different”. I know I’m bigger than my father in-law (I’ve accidentally seen) and I wish SO bad I could have hot, passionate sex with her…me being her only man other than her husband to have experienced.

To this day, whenever I want to cum really fast I just think of her. I masturbate to her more often than any other woman I have ever met! My heart races when there is a chance I can see her nude or have her see me nude.

My Sexy Mother In-law
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One thought on “My Sexy Mother In-law

  1. bonnie says:

    great story, keep teasing her and maybe you will get to fuck her and your wife. what a hot threesome

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