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hi my name is amber i am 19 this happend last week its quite a long story i went clubbing and met this guy he was in his mid 20’s

i was really pissed off and needed somebody to take it out on.

we chatted for ages he was funny a little overweight but cute and he was an amazing kisser we went back to my house the parents were away.

we kissed some more then i was naked with his hands all over me and going down on me he was seriously good at it.

i begged him to fuck me but he still didn’t have his cock out so i just grabbed his pants down there it was his small cock pointing back at me.

it must have been 3 inches max i laughed so loud his face went so red i told him to stand up then i looked at it more.

then i did something that shocked me i got my 8 inch dildo out and compared his cock to my dildo and i started calling him all sorts of names tiny dick, baby dick, limp dick.

but his cock was throbbing when i called him all those names i told him he could fuck me if he made me cum so for like an hour he went down on me working his fingers and mouth overtime.

after multiple orgasms i was going to treat his little penis he laid on the bed i gave a quick blowjob then straddled him i couldn’t tell if it was in. after 5 or so minutes he asked if we could do doggy i said yes but after every couple of thrusts it popped out

so he got on top i actually felt it a little after 5 minutes he asked if he could cum i told him in my mouth as i wanted to see how much cum is in a little penis he cum quite a lot for something so small

he started getting his clothes on but i wanted one more thing i got my phone out and told him i wanted a picture of it he hesitated but i got two photos one side view one front view. then i told him he could go

My First Small Penis
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  1. Owen says:

    Paragraphs! Fantastic!

  2. devyyn says:

    wheres the pictures?

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