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I was all set to marry my college sweetheart. Her mother sent My fiance and her bridesmaids off to a spa weekend as part of her wedding gift.

The first night my fiance was gone there was a knock at my door. It was my mother-in-law to be there in a tiny little black dress.

It was easy to see where my girl got her looks. He mother 5’4 big full boobs and still a rock hard ass even in mer early 40’s.

I let her in wondering WTF she was doing there. She sure wasn’t gunna let me guess long.

I will never forget them words, “I am her to make sure my daughter stays happy. I was to make sure you know how to fuck her asshole good and hard. it is the only was to garantee her happiness in your marriage.”

I had to pick my jaw up from my chin. She dropped the dress in the middle of the livingroom and was headed buck naked to my bedroom. I frooze i didn’t know WTF to do.

She turned reaching for my shirt. pulling me with her to the bedroom. “You can make love to her pussy all you want. But ever wife deserves a good hard ass fuck at least once a week. If you want to keep her happy you will do as I say.”

She was on her knees in my room she about ripped my pants off me. I never knew anyone could suck cock like that. She sucked my 6.5 inches down to my balls. She clearly loved blowing me. I tried to warn her. She refused to hear it and before i knew it she sucked every drop right down to her belly. She looked up at me and said “You teach her to drink it too after you get her ass”

She layed naked across my bed. Her legs spread for it. Her ass so georgious reminding me of her daughter. “Mount my ass now” she demanded

I couldn’t help it. I moved towards getting ontop of her. Shouldn’t i get something?” I asked.

“There is enough spit Jay, To much stuff just ruins the whole fuck. Now mount me.” she said.

I was shaking I couldn’t help it. I started pushing to her asshole. He tightness grabbed me. she moaned a bit letting me know it hurt. I tried to be gentle pushing in deeper. I never felt anything like that before. It took a bit to even get in there.

I pushed the last bit sinking into her. She let out a moan like i never herd before. “Very good. nice easy slow entry. Now you fuck me like you hate me. as hard and deep and rough as you can. it is the proper way to ass fuck any woman Jay. cut loose let me have it”

I started moving OMG was it ever good. She snapped, “HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!”

I couldn’t believe how tight it was. I did my best to drive down into her asshole. trying to give her what she wanted. She still ranted, “HARDER! FASTER! FUCK ME!”

It was crazy good. I had the whole bed rocking as i planted my cock up in her tiny asshole. than i her screams come from her like I never herd before. Almost a moan. Almost a plead for help. Almost begging for mercy. All of it in pleasure. Her asshole came so hard I tought my cock was gunna be one massive bruise. It was so tight I had to stop. Till she settled down a bit.

I started again pounding her. “YES! YES! DEAR GOD YES! LIKE THAT JAY! FUCK ME!” she screamed out.

I gave her what she wanted and she came again and again. I surrendered and blew a huge load up inside her asshole.

It took a few minutes to catch our breath. “Jay you give her that every week. Don’t take no ever. I promise she will be the best wife ever. You will treat her right for me won’t you honey? Promise me you will. my girl deserves to be happy”

“I promise Ava. I will personally try to ruin her ass if that is what it takes to make her happy.” I answered

“Thank you Jay. Thank you. Now fuck me again my husband is out of town and I need a proper fucking”

I layed 2 more loads up in her tight asshole after that and we slept in a sweaty pile. I think she came like 8 times in all on my cock.

She blew the living shit out of me in the shower till i creamed her mouth again. “I know you will make my girl happy now. But to make me happy I want at least 5 grandkids. so don’t forget to work her pussy over too.

I could only shake my head in disbelief. We dried off and she got dressed. She was all set to leave and said, “Make sure that bedding gets washed before she gets back. you ever piss her off and so help I will make you regret everything.” she gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

I stood there like 5 minuted wondering WTF happened.

Sex With My Mother In law
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