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I must confess to the milking and spanking I gave to my next door neighbours granson after catching him being naughty. I’m a 65 year old widow and live on my own. My neighbour has a grandson who is 18 years old and he visits her now and then. I needed a job done to my washing machine and he offered to fix it one afternoon. I left him in my house while I was out shopping. Upon my return he fixed my machine and went home. I noticed my washing hamper had been disturbed and when I looked into it I found a pair of my pantygirdles and tights covered in what looked like semen. He had also wanked into the cups of my longline bra. I decided to leave a trap on his next visit and asked him to to do another job for me. So I left a pair of my pantygirdles and tights on the bedroom floor near where he would be working and went out. Upon my return I inspected my pantygirdle and tights only to find his seman splashes all over the gussets again. This time I confronted him and he confessed. I told him he must be punished or I would tell his grandmother and gave him a spanking over my knee but the dirty boy had an erection during the spanking and ended up ejaculating over my skirt and tights. I ordered him to come back next week for another spanking but this time I would use my hairbrush. I must confess I was quite excited about spanking a young boy over my lap and him cumming over me. The following week before he arrived I put on my open corselette and barley black stockings and a pair of knickers under my blouse and short skirt. When he arrived I told him to remove his jeans and underpants and bend over my knee. I noticed his hugh erection and told him I don’t want him cumming over me again so I would give him a good milking into my hanky first. So as he was across my lap I pulled his penis from behind and started to milk him until he came. This was very quick when he saw my stocking tops when my skirt ridding up. After I gave him a good spanking with my hair brush I noticed he still had a hugh erection so I gave him another milking but this time it was into a pair of my dirty tights. I must confess my knickers were soaked by this time. I hope to have other jobs done now and then by him later.

Milking and spanking
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2 thoughts on “Milking and spanking

  1. redcheeks1 says:

    I am soo jealous of this boy…I would love to be spanked by this lady!!

  2. paul says:

    have been caned with a small thin whippy cane the nursery cane for use OTK and i came after the 5th stroke got 4 more on my bottom crease now i try not to come when caned

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