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Hubby and I made a bet on a hockey game and I lost. Hubby had me wear heels, stockings, short skirt, no panties, sheer button up blouse and no bra. We went to a nearby hiking trail at a local conservation area.

We walked to about the middle of the trail, and hubby had me stand between 2 trees at the side of the trail. He then proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the trees so that I was standing spread eagle where I was to remain for one hour, the length of the hockey game we had bet on.

He then unbuttoned my blouse and hiked my skirt up above my waist leaving my tits and pussy out for public viewing and tied a stocking around my mouth so I couldn’t talk my way out of anything.

I started to get wet almost immediately!Then he taped a note to the tree on my right stating that I had lost a bet and if you found me you could set me free or play with me!

Well, needless to say, every little sound and the warm breeze blowing on my pussy caused my pussy to become very wet.

After being there for what seemed like the full hour already, (it had only been about 40 minutes), we could hear something/someone coming down the trail. It ended up being a young male on a mountain bike about 17 – 20 years of age. I think I had an orgasm just knowing that somebody could see me, and could clearly see a tent popping up! He didn”t choose to untie me, but he did begin to fondle my nipples and clit and fingered my soaking wet pussy and although he was awkward and clumsy I did have a gushing orgasm!!!!

He untied my ankles from the tree, undid his jeans releasing his hard cock, put his arms under my knees lifting my legs in the air and proceeded to pound me with great speed, and the incredible stamina of a raging young man!! Iknow he came twice possibly three times before he finished with me.

After he left, hubby realeased me, and we had some pretty exciting nights for a while after that.

We have since then made many other bets and have had some naughty adventures in the process!!!!

Lost a bet! Bound naked in the woods!
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2 thoughts on “Lost a bet! Bound naked in the woods!

  1. devyn says:

    omg thats hot as fuck but also kinda scary what if 10 people ran a rape train on you

  2. jack j says:

    It is the risk of being caught .In the service, I would wear only my pea-coat and nothing on underneath . I would take a long walk at night into the country side area of the base is what gave me the straight-up woody pushing against my coat. Then, I’d take off the coat, and walk nude , wearing hiking boots, and nude from there up. One time, I swore I heard leaves crushing like someone was nearby. I thought: If they’ve seen me, they’ll either turn me in, or they want to see more. I came to a smooth spot of country trail, lay the coat down beneath me and lay on it giving the unseen audience an in-depth show and feel of my ass. Listen, I had the most developed ass for a guy 21…and I;m very interested in your interest…My buttucks often get very flexy and full when I’m being investigated… So, its the risk, and its timing, most true homosexual pervs understand…

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