Incest with younger sister !

I’m 17 and bisexual and my younger sister has just turned 15 years old 6 days ago and 2 nights I went into our bathroom to get my hairbrush and thats when I saw jennifer standing there doing her hair, just in her pants.and that was the first time that I ever look at her in a sexual way, and I don’t know why I did.anyhow the same night but a little later on my mom asked if I could go and get out dirty clothing from mine and her I went up to her room and knocked and walked in like I allways do.and when I walked in jennifer was playing with her self, over some girl on girl action porn, ( as I saw on her computer screen ) and I was about to leave, but she got up and grapped the top of my shoulder, and she was like stop and don’t tell I was like okay I wont don’t wori.and at this point she was holding my arm / hand and that’s when we just looked at each uvaa in a way I have never looked at her before ( uno like the love in a sexual look ) and she just kissed me on the lips and for some strange reason I just when along with it like it was any ouvaa girl I have been with.and after she like clapased onto the bed with me on top of her and we were still making out and like I have no clue what was going through my head.( and I’m not going to tell you want happend in detail but we done some very dark sexual things with each uvaa, and it went on for some like time untill I left and went to bed.) and so the next morning ( yestaday ) when I saw her in the morning she just gave me a sexual smile now she dont want to stop and we talked a little about it to day.and I know that incest is soooooo fekin wrong and thats why I want to stop because I dont want to get her dreams up and I know that I shouldent of done it with her to start of with but I dont know how to tell her that I love her as family but I dont want to continue with her.

Incest with younger sister !
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(Warning: Extreme Sexual Taboo Content - 18+ ONLY!)

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