Gay Sex in The Car Back Seat

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I was a┬áteen white boy, but could’ve passed for a girl, 5-2 and 98lbs. The guy I hung out with was 18 and white, and he had a girl friend, he and I were just friends. He had this black friend that was 20, he was like 6ft and 230, I liked him. one night on the way back from the neighboring town, with my buddy driving, me and his friend were in the back seat.
He wanted to fuck me, and after a little persuasion I gave in and let him. He was on top and he fucked me deep and hard. As he was getting off my buddy said, well russell, your finally got to fuck her, It kind of embarrassed at first being called her, but I soon got over it.

Gay Sex in The Car Back Seat
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(Warning: Extreme Sexual Taboo Content - 18+ ONLY!)

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