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I smoked some pot with my older sisters boyfriend and he had forced anal sex with me when I was younger. I pretended I didn’t remember and after a while I started to want to do it again. I started to walk around in my underpants in front of him when they came home from dates. We started to have sex after that on a regular basis. Now I have sex with different men almost weekly. I like how their penis feels when it’s inside of me and when it cums.

I’m a Guy and Got Raped and Liked It
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7 thoughts on “I’m a Guy and Got Raped and Liked It

  1. steve says:

    My sisters bf didn’t rape me, but one time he came over early before she got home and caught me in a pair of her panties. He said I had a hot looking ass, and wanted to fuck me, I let him and loved it, he fucked me almost ever week after that.

  2. don says:

    I was at a party and a black guy cornered me, pushed me in a corner, pulled my pants down, forced his cock in my mouth and then turned me over and fucked my ass. I had never even thought about sex with a man but this guy made me love it. I am hoping it happens again.

  3. WTF says:

    I guess you guys became thier BITCHES, what next, making you get dressed in drag and realy becumming thier bitch

  4. colin says:

    I have always wanted to be spit roasted by two men with big dicks

  5. malcom says:

    I like to lie on my back with one man fucking my arse and the other doing a deep throat on me

  6. lewis says:

    I was at a male party, I didn’t know at the time some of the men were gay as the alcohol was flowing I noticed some of the men seemed to getting over friendly and would disappear for a while, some were smoking drugs, I was well on my way with booze, one of the men stripped off and stood there with a hard on another man started suckling his dick then another man joined in they were spit roasting him in front of everybody I must admit I was enjoying watching and had a really big hard on and was bulging in my trousers one of the others notice and sat next to me and started stroking my hard dick I was so excited with him stroking and watching the live fucking in front of me, I creamed myself one man walked over with his dick out and told me to suck it I refused mere gathered around and told me to suck it or else, I had to comply and swallowed his spunk and was forced to suck three more off, I was made to strip and was fucked doggy fashion on the floor. after they told me that was expected at the party and I should have known, WAS I RAPED or should I have known better I suppose when the public fucking started I should have got out, I can not decide if it was my fault for staying. Comments please

  7. rex says:

    you should have got out when those two gays started fucking publically, by staying you were part of the party

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