i want to have sex with my aunt

my mom talked a lot about my aunt before i met her. she said that she was pretty and a lot younger than her, she was 28. when i finally did i saw that she was not lying. at first i didn’t feel anything but a year or so after, i saw her in party wearing a dress that was 3 inches above her knees. the part that covered her breasts was tight and the rest was loose. i took her out to dance and held her close to me. when i placed my hand on her waist i noticed that her dress was thinner than what i thought. i slowly and carefully lowered my hand down her waist until i reached her hip. i felt that she was wearing a thong and kept my hand there. for her it was just a normal dance but for me it was totally different. now that she lives close by all that i think about is going over to her apartment and having sex with her. i probably will do it knowing that it is not a good thing to do.

i want to have sex with my aunt
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(Warning: Extreme Sexual Taboo Content - 18+ ONLY!)

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