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My neighbor has a beautiful teen daughter that is beautiful, 5,3 nice build firm stomach, great tits for a┬áteen shapley legs and a great ass light brown hair and these blue eyes god such a hot little package and she knows it, in the summer wearing these super short cut off jeans that shows her ass tight top that shows her tits and perky little nipples, would die to make love to her and fuck her my cock in all her holes sucking nice perky tits my tounge in her pussy then fuck her damn getting super woody just thinking and writting about it. I’ll wait, she has a few years to go to be legal. I’m in.

I want my neighbor’s daughter for sex
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9 thoughts on “I want my neighbor’s daughter for sex

  1. Freakie says:

    Sounds like she,s teasing you and she wants it,you if she,s such a little cock teaser,she,s most likley getting it somewhere and wants more maybe you,I say test the waters and if she responds well damn go for it and tap it good

  2. Horny Guy says:

    Yea man go for it all younger girls love to tease because they want it
    and if teasing you like that you know damn well she wants you
    fuck her brains out

  3. Toad says:

    Why wait if she sending the signals fuck her,I would,drop a few light hints yourself see how she reacts if it,s a go then damn man go that
    young thing and her sweet pink young pussy,and perky tits and all
    damn go for it

  4. Anonymous says:

    Buy the little cock teaser some slutty cloths and see if she,ll wear them in private for you,I love young CTs that love to tease but really want it go for it fuck her brains out

  5. G.O.F (Grumpy old Fuck) says:

    Just fuck the little cunt and be done with it,from what you write she
    prob wants you to give it to her anyway

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wondering if you ever fucked the little cock teaser

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yea I finally did god it was great found out her dads fucks her too,
      fucked all her little holes filling them with my cream,sucked on her perky small but just enough tits,ate her pussy before I fucked it now she,s visits me 3-5Xs a week to get fucked

    2. Anonymous says:

      yes,found out her father fucks her too,he noticed me cheaking out and said nice peace of ass huh,gulped said yea,he said if you want her go for it it,s ok,we talked and ended up in my house in bed,what a wild crazy little fuck,better then some of my older fucks

  7. Anonymous says:

    How old is/was she

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