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thirty minutes ago, a complete stranger just walked out of my house, leaving me with a terrible situation, and a mouth full of cum.
I was hanging out with my neighbors just to get out of the house. my brother was leaving for work in another city, I said goodbye to him. During our conversation, a friend of a friend started talking to me about “making the money”. telling me about all these things I can achieve because of my talent. he asked me how I felt about my talent. I told him I want the best, he gave me this 40- minute speech about never saying “never the best”. I felt like I could trust him, that we could be real friends. we got to a point three hours later when it was just me and him. he showed me everywhere he had been on a passport and told me so much. I had my laptop open and was showing him what programs I was good at. I showed him a picture of my cousin and told him I was in love with her, friends and family since I was a toddler. she got married and broke my heart. I settled for my best friend whom Ive had for seven years.
once he had heard I was dating a guy he opened the door to my apartment and directed me in. he asked more question about my boyfriend. I told him he was cities away and that I only visit him a few times a month.
Sitting on my love seat, he flashed out his BIG, black cock and told me to come closer. I was afraid now, what I had told him was completely stupid. (TT-TT) I wasn’t too bothered by the sight of his cock. I have been sitting in this place for two months, begging for sex. nobody but my boyfriend even remotely sees me as sexual. I told him I couldn’t when he asked me to suck on it in that persuasive voice of his. I couldn’t suck off a man, only for my friend. he had my hand on it, rubbing it thoroughly. I couldn’t tell this guy off, not ever since two years ago when I said the wrong thing to somebody. I got my jaw busted, my arm put into one of those hanger braces. I had my teeth wired together for two months and starved like crazy. from then on Ive always been careful and courteous.
this guy had me hand on his dick, I was feeling shaky, its been forever since I had any sex.
ten minutes later I was finishing him off in my bedroom, my mouth was filled with a mixture of pre-cum and his body sweat from when he had me sucking his nipple. my lust had gotten me in alot of trouble this time….
he got dressed and left, leaving me behind with his phone number, a big cheat on my boyfriend, and a shit load of trouble with my family ( I know this shit will get out eventually), and a mouth full of cum. he even told me he would be back for more, but how do I tell him its not like that?

I sucked off a complete stranger
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4 thoughts on “I sucked off a complete stranger

  1. Mindy says:

    This sounds an awful lot like rape. You may not be willing to face that, but the way you tell this story clearly indicates that this is what happened. You blame yourself because that is what rape victims do. To face the truth is too hard, so for you it is easier to blame yourself. Because of past abuse, whenever you get into a situation like this you are too afraid to do anything except what that pig wants. Your are afraid of harm. This person is a MONSTER. They knew you didnt want that, they knew you were afraid and they took advantage of that. They used your fear against you to force you to do things you didn’t want to do and that is RAPE. You need to seek therapy, and most of all STOP BLAMING yourself! When you open up to reality and seek help, you will be less likely to find yourself in another situation like this. So stop feeling guilty, you didnt do anything wrong, start getting angry for what these PIGS have done to you. You are a human being, a special person, and not what you are telling yourself that you are. Please get help, and please take care of yourself. You can live free, with respect for yourself, and be happy.

  2. george says:

    he realy did rape you big time dont ever let any one in your home again unless your looking for sex,!!!!!!

  3. Dick says:

    It’s not rape if you gave into him and it sounds like you did. Your boyfriend would understand and you know he is getting some while he’s away. You wanted it and there is nothing wrong with giving pleasure to a stranger.

  4. Tammy says:

    I wish some one would rape me. Call me http://bit.ly/1tFKWbo

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