Yea I know friends mom,but sex is sex
anyway it was a satrday early after morn and I was just hanging around doing nothing and there was a knock at the door my friends mom had stop over to asked if I had a few extra large lawn bags she was doing some garden work and ran out and didn,t want to run to the store,told her come in she did she was wearing this cutegrey sweat pants that hugged her pretty well for and old gal she wasn,t that bad looking,she had a cute ass too she was wearing one of his tshirts lt grey also and no bra I could see the outline of her nice breasts and perky nipple,s asked if she liked a cup of coffie I just made a freah pot she said would love it couldn,t keep my eye,s off of her she,s not a hot or sexy women but had a good natural beuty about her she notcied me starring at her breast and bod and said I,m old enough to be your mother I said I know but your a very vey attractive women she smiled and gave me a kiss,she finished her first cup and asked if she could have another told sure she got up to pour I got up right behind and told her how attractive she was,she said I know you told me,asked her if she mind if I kissed her she said excuse me and turned around at that time we were face to face and I planted one on her lips she jumped for a moment and responded by kissing me back on the lips I opened my mouth hers opened too and we started to tounge each other,with my one hand I gently move it up her shirt and started to play with her breasts she started to breath heavy ,and said this shouldn,t happen I said I know but it is we kissed I slowly started to lifr her shirt up she stopped me for a second,but then let me continuie reveling her beutiful breast and perky nipple,s I started to suck on them damn they were good,I slowlystarted to move her hand to my cock she stopped for a second then continuied to massage my cock thru my pants I slowly started to walk towards my bedroom we were still lip locked and feeling each other she noticed where we were and stopped and said if we go any further you got to promise me not to tell joe or anyone I made my cross and swore not a soul would know except us then asked if I had protection told yes we went to my room and both got undressed and got into bed made great love and even greater sex giving each other oral I fucked her for hours she sucked on me it was great even got her to give in on giving her some anal she swears she never but her sweet tight ass took my cock well in short we fucked like animals,when it ended told her let me get those bags you wanted she said never mind the bags get more condoms so we can fuck again,god we must went all day before we knew it ,it was 3:30 in the afternoon,we washed she kissed me and thanked me,we now meet 2-4 times a week and fuck

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I seduced and fucked my friends Mother
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  1. Al says:

    I,m 51 she,s 65 and we still meet and fuck,she now dress,s a little slutty for me she,s a very good looking women and a great fuck

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