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I was 19 years when I came to a big city.I had no place to stay.One family sheltered me.The lady whom I considered as sister was about 42.Over a period of time we developed a sort of attraction even though we did not know it is sensual.

Time passed and they moved to an appartment along with me.The gentleman was working in shift and two children were schooling.

One day when the lady and I were at home she was bathing and wanted the bathtowel to be given to her which she forgot while going in.
She opened door and loo,I saw her nacked.She pulled me in.I was not ready for that because I was scared.She started rubbing her tiny but round sagging boobs against my chest and started squeezing my penis.
I got excited and had a royal fuck in dog style inside the bathroom, a 19 year old fucking a hot 42.I thoroughly enjojed the act.

Now it was my turn to take the lead.After about two hours I strted the act my self.She was cutting the vegetables and I hugged her from behind squeezing her boobs and we had second round of fuck on the floor.

We are regularly fucking now and I must say that I enjoy her sex more than my wife.She is about 76 now and I am 52.I must have secreted more semen all over her body more than my wife’s.She also enjoys sex with me even now because her husband is old.

Fucking the old sister is a fun.

Fuck your sister
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3 thoughts on “Fuck your sister

  1. Adolph says:

    Whish I could fuck mine

    1. Lois says:

      Why don’t you

  2. Gary says:

    I first fucked my sister when I was a teen. My sister was with a great body at the time. We were both knew to sex and found about things from dads bedroom closet and his mags. We started playing with each others junk.My sister got hot very quick and would put her crotch in my face and cup it with hands and push toward me. I asked if she wanted me to kiss it. She looked shocked but, I showed her dads book and that was the start of some great oral sex. We both swolowed and loved it.Last month I was 71 and little sis gave the best present. She let me lick her pussy and fuck for my three day visit.

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