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So I’m a virgin, and never thought about women but now. So I own a little house with a beautiful little garden, the house is over looked by two other house, but I thought nothing of it when it was a lovely hot day and I was naked in my garden. I felt so good not wearing any cloths, just laying there on the grass while the sun heated my body up. I got so comfortable and open my legs out and closed my eyes, I must have been out there for half an hour when I heard some rustling through the trees at the bottom of the garden, I opened my eyes and perched my self up. The women whose house was next to mine stood there smiling at me, I was so embarrassed, she said “that looks nice, I mean that sun, heating your body” I replied quite shocked that she was fine looking at my naked body “well yes, I’m so sorry if I have caused any trouble” then surprisingly she said “no looking at you is a pleasure ,do you mind if I take a photo”, “Urmm, will it be alright with your husband”. She looked down and then looked upwards her house, “I don’t care what he thinks, plus he’s working” and she smiled her eyes glaring over my body, “well of course then” I said, what was I thinking letting her have a naked picture of me, she might put it on a porn site for the world to see. She disappeared and soon returned with a camera, I stood up, “no don’t get up, I really liked it when you laid down, but could you open your legs wider please?” I then felt something, I was becoming horny, the fact that she want to see my Vagina made me feel good. I got back down and opened my legs out only a little and closed my eyes, it felt like I was dreaming. She climbed over the fence and was shadowing over me, she opened my legs wide by pulling my knees apart. I then heard the camera click and opened my eyes. She was kneeling by my feet. I was embarrassed again she was looking right at my pussy and I was so wet, then that was it she stroked her tongue up and down my vagina! It was so nice I got carried away, she ate me out and I was so weak at the need I lay there panting, she smiled and stood up standing with both legs over my head, she pulled her pants down on my face and I closed my eyes then I felt something wet, lots of it, with a horrible smell but was unusually nice, then something splatter on my face, did she just pee and poo on my face? I couldn’t not believe it, I didn’t open my eyes because I felt quite sick and I was worried it might go in my eyes. She then sat on my face and farted! I then struggled to get up, but she sat on my head and something was holding my feet down, I panicked and opened my eyes. I could see her pussy as she was rubbing it on my mouth I tried to ask her if we could maybe stop. But she said “lick, lick, lick” so I did, I liked her pussy, it was all hairy, but tasted so nice I dug my tongue in wanting more, that was when I released, she had not done a poo on me or wee, but had just cum on my face. We finished and we met up lots of times afterwards, fingering each other. When one night when we where at hers, her husband came home, we had not released. I think she was sucking my boobies. But when we we had finished, I went home, I was naked and went out the back door, I was had just jumped over the fence when I got pushed to the floor, “she is all yours, you dirty little girl”. I knew it was him, I was scared. “do you want her ??” he said, I was naked on the floor with him on top of me, I had just had sex, of course I want her. “yes” I whispered. It was pitch black and I could not see him, he told me to sit up, and I was not going to argue he was big and strong, he tied me to floor with some rope, I was scared asking him what he was doing he replied ” I want some fun”. He left then, leaving me there all night, in the morning I was worried I would be stuck there, I had pee and it ran down my leg. I saw people from the windows looking at me, what is it with me and being nude out side!

First Time Lesbian
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