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Hannah B. who works at the Bristol court services has a secret. One Saturday in her local the three lions she got a lot drunk and ended up pulling 2 blokes which she took back to her flat. And i quote one of my sources, We done things to her you see in porno Movies . And of course i needed to no the details which he was eager to tell as most men are , Seems the first thing she done when there got back to her flat was strip off and sit on the sofa and masturbating and licking her fingers while they watched to get them in the mood . Then they took turns fucking her first individually then together in her ass and pussy with a double entry in her pussy for good measure which she seemed to like a lot. She seem to like to be stretched as he said he had four fingers in there when he stopped but his mate who was we will say less concerned about what they were up to went in up to his wrist inspired by this he wanted to fist her ass as his mate fisted her pussy which he said was easier as his hand just slipped in with a wiggle but the other one could only force four fingers in her ass. I know people Exaggerate sex but my friend sorry source said she seem to have some kind of oral fetish everything had to go in her mouth even when they had they digits in her she lick them after, and as much semen as they could possibly muster. My source even had a secret kept from him by his mate on the way home he told him when he was a sleep Hannah got up to go to the bath room and he followed her and when she was sat on the loo he told her to open her mouth then pushing his cock in i am going to piss in your mouth . She took his cock out of her mouth and said i will swallow if you do it slowly so in he went and a burst , Hannah said slowly if you want me to swallow so he started again slower this time , He said he never know such a dirty bitch she was licking the end of his cock while pissing in her mouth , i had to stop there i had a hard on and had to go before it became embarrassing . This is the truth they had no reason to lie as one is married he has only made trouble for him self

Drunk Sex Confession
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3 thoughts on “Drunk Sex Confession

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I know her only think mind, I use to deliver to Bristol courts services , This girl name was Hannah her second name was can’t remember but i am sure it be can with B, Dark hair I know she drank in the Lions. I be blowed, Whats the chance its the same girl or its true ?

  2. anon says:

    I found that gal on facebook , Here’s a link don’t know if i can put it on here but here go’s . She look Hot

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