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I had just came home with my learners permit. Dad told me I had to earn money for my own car. His friend Dale was over and already knew what was going on.
Before I knew It I saw Dale hand Dad a handfull of cash. I was told it was for the car fund. At fist I thought he was just being very nice to me. I gave him a hug and thanked him for it.
Than I was told to lean over the kitchen Island. I paniced I couldn’t even get the words NO WAY out.
It didn’t matter he wouldn’t of listened to it anyway. I was pushed over the Island and my shorts ripped down.
Dad siad”Your way to prissy to work at a fast food place. If you got a job at a mall you wouldn’t save 1 penny. So the only job for you is fucking old men.”
“Please No!” I finally got out.
“Don’t worry honey I won’t knock you up” Dale said.
I tried to pull away but Dale was to strong. I cried out in pain as his dick tore my hymen apart. Dale made sure I felt every bit of his dick up in my pussy. It hurt so bad. I couldn’t belief they betrayed me like that.
I was geing jerked back to him feeling dales very large cock rip me apart. He made sure he got his money’s worth. Driving deep and hard. Making me beg for it to be over.
Dad said. “See its getting pretty good hugh?” If I could of reached him I’da hit him as hard as I could.
“It hurts like hell” I cried out asnswering him.
dale chuckled. It fucking wonderfull for me baby. as he fucked me as deep and hard as he could.
I herd Dale cry out and he stayed up in me deep. I could feel his dick pulse hard. I couldn’t belief he was actually cumming inside me.
It just got a whole lot worse. What if I am pregnant talk about a nightmare. “OMG NO” I screamed out.
Dad said,”You better be taking those pills. When you fuck a man for money there will be no rubber. He will cum where ever he wishes. You will not cheat a man paying for you. Your here me Lisa?”
“OMG NO. I can’t do this” I balled. “Please no. No more. won’t tell” Trying to barging my way out of it.
Dad said “He paid $500. he gunna ass fuck you now and you will enjoy it to for him”
“Please NO. Please god NO. Not that please.”
They both laughed. “I’ll pay you another $100 if when I’m done you can look me in the face and say you didn’t like it” dale said as he pulled his cock prom my throbbing pussy.
I couldn’t belief I was being sold like some cheap street whore. I balled completely humiliated. In agony. terrified of what was next. knowing I couldn’t stop it no matter what I tried to do.
Dale said, “Your ass has been begging for this for so long. Trust me your gunna be a ass slut honey. every man can see that in you.”
There was pressure I tried to scream Rape but couldn’t get my voice to work.
It didnt hurt as much as my pussy did. His whole cock slid up in my asshole in like 5 pushes.
I couldn’t belief it really wasn’t hurting that bad. Dale started stroking slow. oh so deep. I knew right off he was so right. I was a discusting ass slut. I could do nothing to prevent it.
He pushed long faster up in my butt. I herd my moans of please. I never herd moans like that before. I couldn’t belief it was really good. I was enjoying being ass fucked for money. I was pushing back feeling it all the way deep in my butt.
Dad said, “You were right dale she was ready for this man. I tohought for sure she was gunna cry to the cops dude.”
“OMG it tight. fucking perfect. what an amazing ass to fuck Dude. What a fuck” Dale said. as he drove up deep in me.
Way to soon I herd dale cry out. “AAAAHHHH SSHHIITTTTTT.” and his cock erupted sending his wonderfull warm cum up in my ass that needed it more than I could of ever dreamed of.
I leaned back making sure it was as deep as it could be. I just had to. they were right. I need this job. I can’t go on after him without cock now.
I cried a few tears as Dale pulled it out of me. I turned around hugging him. “I’m sorry I was such a bitch. Please forgive me.” grabbing Dale in a big hug.
I hugged Dad to asking him to forgive me to. I promised to work when ever he wanted. “I can’t wait till you get me my next job Daddy” I told him.
Dale gave me anothr hug. “That was the tighest ass I ever had. I want you to have the extra $100 as a tip for such a wonderfull fuck.”
I about balled again thanking him taking it. “Please tell me I can be yours again Dale.”
Dale said. “I promise your ass will have more of my cock baby.”
I couldn’t hold back the tears and thanked him. I never herd anything so wonderfull before that.

So now Daddy is my pimp. I work 4 or 5 days a week. I fuck older mens brains out for $300 to $500 a pop. I have a $300 a month car payment plus insurance and everything. plus a considerable cloathing budget to pay for. My clients deserve to see me dressed well for them.

Daddy Sold My Virginity
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  1. devyn says:

    loved it

  2. Anonymous says:

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    to spend

  3. Daddy says:

    2 bad I didn’t think my girls would of gone for this when they were younger.

  4. Stef says:

    I slid my hand between my legs and started to rub my pussy while reading that. My pussy is so wet right now. Who wants to have phone sex with me. I want to cum so bad. Call me now http://bit.ly/1tFKWbo

  5. rapemeat says:

    Lucky cunt! I loved when Daddy sold my mouth, cunt and asshole to dirty old men. After all, I wouldn’t be the cockwhore cumrag fuckpig that I am today without Daddy’s training.

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