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Horny Girl Erotic Story

I am every man’s dream. Super horny all the time. Masturbating is fun, to say the least but I love dirty talk, too. I have to get it out before I explode! I love to wear push up bras that are too small so my tits are pushed up and my nipples are exposed. I love the way they feel…especially with a tight, thin tank top preferably slightly sheer. I need that man to point it out….start talking about my tits and asking me to see them, sliding my shirt down so my bare nipple pops out. oops! then covering it back up to tease me. Putting his lips over the tank top….breathing his hot air on my nipple flicking his tongue to make it hard. Fuck, I sigh. Does that feel good ? … Read entire article »

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My pretty little niece

My niece came to live with me. Her mother had just died of cancer, and her dad had run off 6 months before with some fluzzy. This is my x-wife’s sister’s kid. I was her favioret uncle, so she asked to be able to live with me. I was 61 at the time and so I got to have her live with me, as I don’t have any other person, and not needing to worry about money. I’m not rich, just well off to not need to work any more. It all started that first week, she would lay on the coach, head in my lap, and watch TV with me. I started rubbing her back, and when my hand got next to the waist of her shorts, her little … Read entire article »

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My Brother and I Take Turns Fucking My Girlfriend

I watched my brother feel up my girlfriend. They were watching TV. She was wearing her robe, laying with her head in his lap. I was feeling a bit jealous but also a bit turned on seeing her in her robe. I sat on the edge of the sofa in front of her hips, leaned back so my brother couldn’t see and ran my hand up her legs. Her pussy was really wet. I looked up and saw she had her hand under her cheek. Laying on his lap like that, she must be feeling his cock. Also, her robe had fallen open a bit. I could see her tit where it was open, and my brother could see it too, if he looked. We were still watching TV, ostensibly, but … Read entire article »

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Fucking My Older Sister In Law

My sister in law is 64, a bit over weight and a flirt. Though she is married and proclaims to be very religous. She started about five years ago flirting and making sure that I always got good looks at her nice big breasts. A couple times even giving me some shots up her long skirts, while not wearing any panties. It was one day we were left alone and she did this, I could not take it anymore and laid her on the floor, where we made love for over an hour. I found she had led such a sheltered life, that many of the things we did that day was a first for her. It is needless to say that I hope it continues. She is just so lustfull and loud. … Read entire article »

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Cheerleader Wife Interracial Sex with Black Players

My wife is 24v yrs old and a stay home wife and we live very comfortable since we have a good business. In one of my business meetings I met the GM of the local football team and we hit it well especially with my wife by my side and I could see he was impressed with her looks and body and towards the end of the nite he mention to me that she should try cheerleading for the team as she definitely fit the profile. On the way home Lorna my wife was kind of undecided about the whole thing and I told her she should give it a try. To make a long story short she went through the training and got selected and to my amazement sex … Read entire article »

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Just Kill Me Now

I just want to say this before anything else: My neighbor and his wife are my best friends. I would never hurt intentionally hurt them. Earlier this evening, their teen son came over to play some black ops with me. We’ve done it several times before, I mean like LOTS before. He’s a good kid. Quirky, silent, but he’s got a good heart. And, he’s very intelligent. Anyway, about an hour ago, we were playing an online round. You know, fast paced, etc… Anyway, I was sitting on the couch with my feet on a stool, while he sat to the left of me on the floor. I guess at some point in me shifting around playing the game, the head of my penis and some shaft worked its way free and exposed itself … Read entire article »

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Satisfied Man With My Submissive Obedient Wife

I am writing to brag on my wife. She is the most submissive creature I have ever met. She says she doesn’t like being told what to do, but simultaneously never says no when I ask something of her. When we make love she is ALWAYS obedient, she never complains or objects no matter how heavy our love making gets. She lets me go as long as I want until I am spent,and frankly I have an immensely high sex drive so we often go several hours @ a shot. I think she’s as addicted to me being in her as I am addicted to her. … Read entire article »

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Wife strips after 25 years 2

Following on from wife strips after 25 years the following night my wife got dressed up in some real sexy gear she bought at the teen shop and from a local charity shop. When we got to the pub all the guys were there but did not expect us to turn up. Jen had a couple of drinks and after she got loosened up did a slow strip down to her undies. The guys were getting hard ons and had invited a couple of regulars for the pub in to watch. Jen took the old groom in hand and after a quick wank took in in her mouth. This started all the men off and the ripped off her underware and started to maul her all over her tits, ass … Read entire article »

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A voyeur – The begining

This is a story about how I found out I was a voyeur. I was a typical teenager with roaring hormones. I still have a very strong sex drive. In 1966, my mother and father separated when I was eleven. So it’s my mother and my brother in our big house. I was not happy about the separation, but what could I do. I can remember early on when I first started to masturbate, that I loved to fantasize about older women I knew. And because I was now thirteen, the women I knew that were not related to me where teachers and my mother’s friends. The teachers were not that hot, but my mother’s friends, they were hot! Pam, one of my mother’s friends, was the main object of my … Read entire article »

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My First Gay Sex with Cowboys in Public Bathrooms

My family had drove to Ohio for a country music concert. We pulled in the concert parking lot, I was overwhelmed by the amount of shirtless guys. I’m gay, so Im not coming out soon. One of them, obviously straight, as he was with his pretty girlfriend, was the perfect shade of darkness, with completely ripped abs, and perfectly hard nipples. It gave me an instant boner. his pants were so low I could see the region where there should have been pubic hair but he had to shave it off to pull of his cowboy Abercrombie model look. I wanted to walk up to him, pull his pants down 2 inches and just suck his dick like there was no tomorrow. Instead, I asked him if he saw any bathrooms … Read entire article »

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