I recently posted a story about what happened when my husband dared me to clean someones house naked (it’s my job to clean!) – it’s entitled “caught out!” A few weeks later I was back at the house again as it’s a regular job for me. This time my hubby hadn’t dared me so i […]

I have always had the fantasy for the wife to have sex with a good looking very hung black guy. I have a black friend who is 20 years younger than us and my wife always commented that he was a sexy and good looking guy. That gave me an idea so the next time […]

Hi, me again, Amanda, who got dealt with by surprise by my daughters boyfriend in my previous story – http://www.subtleconfessions.com/spanked-by-daughters-boyfriend/ Well it happened again! After what happened last time I arrogantly brushed it off as him trying to show me whose boss so I carried on exactly as before to show him I wasn’t going to […]

I have started to read mum son relations the reason is me and my son have a lot of contact we live in the country, and my husband works away, so I have to entertain him, one of his interests is watching wrestling on TV, he said at times I would like to try it, […]

Hi everyone. I’ve been wanting to share my experience. I guess this is the place to do so…. so I’m currently 24 this happened to me when I was 18. I had just moved to college I lived in the dorms with a roommate. Going through high school I was I guess a good girl […]

Sue and I went to the Yorkshire Dales for a holiday after half term. We arrived on the Saturday just before lunch and were shown into cottage. We had a look round the village and had a light lunch in one of the cafes. We decided to have a little drive to find our bearings […]