I made a mistake. I am married I have one adult stepdaughter. she was staying with us after a marriage break up, it was the first morning after she had arrived at weekend I went to the toilet first then made my way to the kitchen to brew up, as I walked in I saw […]

I am a student not a very clever one, I asked my parents to buy me a laptop to help with my studies, the real reason was to watch porn, I was a bit silly didn’t down load free anti virus , it wasn’t long before I had a virus, I couldn’t ask dad to […]

I have always had the fantasy for the wife to have sex with a good looking very hung black guy. I have a black friend who is 20 years younger than us and my wife always commented that he was a sexy and good looking guy. That gave me an idea so the next time […]

I caught my mom watching me masturbate through the vent in our bathroom. Her room is right on the other side of the wall. I let her watch me a few times. I even got on the floor to give her a better view. After a month or so when I saw her there I […]

I have know Barb’s now for 2-3 years during which time we have met up occasionally – usually for her to give me a wonderful blow job in public – something which she excels in!! I’m a 54 year old married male and Barb’s is in her 60’s and single. She is a dirty girl […]

I’m female, 44 years old and married. Me and my husband like to have fun and do dares. I have my own cleaning business and my husband recently dared me to clean one particular house naked! The owners were out so i had to go the house, strip off and do the whole job with […]

I work in an office building with cubicles all over the place. We have a pretty good mix of hot women, both American and Indian. Over the years I have had the opportunity to spread my ass across various objects that come into contact with the mouths of said hot women. Here are a few […]

I like to wear sexy female clothing – when I do this I feel incredibly horny and want to be taken by a man. He undresses me, smacks my bum, fondles me and bends me over his knee. He plays with my cock and balls, I suck his beautiful cock and he fucks me slowly.. […]